Portrait Artist - Olga Pankova

Eclectic, yet harmonious, Olga Pankova’s artwork resides in a domain full of fun and dreams.
A Russian National, born in the USSR, Olga developed and honed her melodious style from studies
in art and design.

Olga has a passion for Portrait Paintings.  Initially a ceramic and glass designer-artist, as well as an established
cartoonist in Tashkent, she was touched by her experiences in life.

A resident of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Olga joyfully paints portraits, different subjects featuring cultural individual themes, sensual works featuring women and various other unique and unusual works. She continues to use a number of mediums to render her talents.

Olga graduated from The Republican Art Collage "P.Benkova" as an Artist-Designer from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
She is the recipient of a number of industry awards as well as having placed 1st in a number of art competitions. Click here for the details.

As a Toronto portrait artist, Olga is available for creating beautiful portraits in oil, acrylic and watercolors.  Her paintings are now hanging in homes in Ontario, throughout Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Olga is available for performing live at corporate events, click here for details.

She is also available for painting live at social events, you can review her live events here. 

She can be reached at olga@olgazart.com (647) 889-6297

Olga's original art can be purchased in her gallery, please click here.

Critics Review - "Outreach"
"There's nothing like experiencing art in person. Olga's painting is no exception. Her rich textures and sumptuous colours are really activated by first-hand experience. 
Her powerful symbols will stay with you... her images resonate with you."
Olexander Wlasenko, Curator, Station Gallery, Whitby, Ontario - March 22, 2013